Canton Texas Dog Poop Removal Service

Canton Texas Dog Poop Removal Service

If you have a nice yard and you love your dogs you may love the idea of a service that comes each week to remove dog poop from your Canton Texas property.

We can also deodorize your yard with a nice smelling enzyme spray for added protection for only $5 extra. We charge $15 a week in order to keep our service affordable for most people.

We come each week to keep your Canton Texas yard smelling great, safe for pets and humans, and to keep the ongoing maintenance of your yard manageable for us to continue to keep our service at a price reasonable for most. 

One of the questions we are asked a lot is well, "What if I have 5 dogs?" How much would 5 dogs be?" In most cases the cost is still just $15 a week. Our commercial service kicks in if your yard seems to be more like a doggy daycare than just a few pets. 

We love yards with lots of dogs but on occasion we do encounter a more commercial situation where an extra $10 a week is all that is needed to handle a job that approaches a commercial sized approach.

Like I said earlier, most of our Canton Texas customers are still only charged $15 a week even when they have 5 dogs. At the end of the day we offer our Canton Texas Dog Poop Removal service at an affordable $15 a week rate to over 95% of the people we serve. 

Our first visit we will clean your yard and if it is a commercial sized job we would let you know. You would be surprised, usually we can handle even big sized poop removals for just $15 a week. 

Sign up today, all we need is your address and a cell number for notifications to get started. We will send a follow up email or notification with multiple convenient ways to pay.