Kilgore Texas Dog Poop Pick Up Service

Kilgore Texas Dog Poop Pick Up Service

Kilgore Texas seems like an out in the boonies kind of East Texas town and you would think a dog poop pick up service would not be in the area. If you thought this thought you are fortunately mistaken!

Pickem' Up Poopies services Kilgore Texas and has several customers in the area making it worth our time to keep your yard clean.

We come out each week to your Kilgore Texas residence and remove the dog poop that has accumulated in your yard. For only $15 a week you avoid the dreaded poop streak that you may in the past have brought into your home and onto your carpet.

The time it takes to use a stick and remove all the dog poop that gets stuck in the crevices of your shoe is another terrible time waster we help you avoid.

We are a "background checked" friendly team of people that service the East Texas area to keep your yard beautiful for you and your pet to enjoy.

On our route from Whitehouse to Chapel Hill to Overton we head to Kilgore Texas to clean up dog poop in multiple backyards. We would be happy to add you to our route.

Take time to speak to one of our staff about our Kilgore Texas dog poop pick up service available in Kilgore Texas.

Call or message us at: 903-871-5122

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