Our Staff

My wife and I both moved to Tyler when we were about 10 years old. I went to school at Robert E Lee Highschool and my wife went to a small private school called Christian Heritage School. I played baseball and track and field and my wife ran track and field and played basketball. We have a family with 4 kids now and enjoy going camping, and events in nature. For the last few years my boys and I have camped at Big Bend state park in Texas, definitely a bucket list item. Alzheimer's Alliance and Swan Food Pantry are a couple places we support. 

We volunteer at the Swan Food Pantry and have been known to sing at nursing homes. I have an entrepreneurship passion and like to talk about it with like minded people that enjoy being curious and learning new things. We have a dog that is part Pit Bull and part Border Collie, he looks a lot like our logo.  

I worked at Accenture in IT before delving into my own businesses and have enjoyed working for myself and meeting the needs of the customers I serve. We recently visited Tyler State Park and my kids did a nature scene investigation and stumbled upon some once in a lifetime discoveries. I think research, learning, discovery and the strong curiosity instilled in me is something that many in my family have as well and has made life an adventure.

I get a lot of joy seeing the dogs of my customers and how they each display their personalities in their own unique way. It's a joyful experience getting to watch the dogs that are left in the yard greet me and always makes my day.


Donny Eisenbach