Longview Dog Poop Removal Service

Does Your Yard Need a Longview Dog Poop Removal Service?

We at Pickem Up Poopies are here to clean your Longview yard weekly of dog poop so you can start enjoying your yard both walking and smelling as you go without a worry.

If your like me you hate the dreaded brown poop foot print that you accidentally bring into the house. You look back and your carpet has several footprints of dog poop smeared across the carpet. 

These dog poop messes are a nightmare but when your yard is cleaned up weekly these accidents are much less likely. 

As your yard starts to gather a mine field of waste spots you may feel like never venturing back there anymore because it smells bad and you don't want to step on such a nasty mess. 

We are here to clean your Longview Texas yard of all the dog poop messes every week at an affordable cost most everyone can afford.

We offer many convenient ways to pay including cash, check, auto bill pay, and several e-payment choices like Venmo, CashApp, and Paypal.

If you want the added protection of killing the harmful bacteria that resides in your yard we offer an enzyme spray that kills the harmful bacteria where the poop was left. 

Our enzyme spray smells good and kills bacteria as well as being safe for humans and animals. For $5 extra a week we can add this deodorizer each time we are out to your Longview home.

In summary, we have dedicated friendly professional staff available to clean your Longview yard of dog poop on a weekly basis. Get in touch and we can add you to our route.