Pickem' Up Poopies

Imagine a poop free yard!

Postcard & Online Ad Offers:

FREE yard deodorizer spray for first 3 months

$15/per week for weekly pet waste removal service

$5/per week for yard deodorizer that has good bacteria and enzymes to deteriorate remaining waste that is too small to pick up

$5/per week to haul off pet waste instead of putting it in your trash can

Weekly auto-bill subscribe with our most popular $15 a week service by clicking on the Paypal Subscribe "Yellow" button below. Set it and forget it. For our other options we can send you a subscription link. 


Service available in Tyler Texas and surrounding East Texas locations (Lindale, Bullard, Whitehouse, Van, Jacksonville, Chandler, Kilgore, Athens Longview, Canton, and more). We charge $15 a week and you can sign up for automatic weekly billing (Securely Through Paypal) to begin your service. (You do not need to have an account with Paypal) to use this service. All major credit cards accepted. There is a $1.23 convenience fee added to auto weekly subscribe credit card billing to cover the cost of the credit card processing. If paying by check, cash CashApp or Venmo there is no convenience fee. There is a $1.00 convenience fee if paying one-off through Paypal as they charge a fee unless you choose "Friends or Family" then no fee and you do not have to add the $1.00 convenience fee.

We schedule in our pet poop clean up service during these times: 7am–6pm, Monday through Saturday

We also offer a pet urine and poop deodorizer that is enzyme based, safe and makes your yard smell fantastic. Our team can also drop off affordable quality dog food and pet treats on our visits. Check out our twice a week dog poop removal service option.

Sign up for Deodorizer and pet Waste Removal for $20 a week. Two services for the price of $20 a week. 

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